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ON Semiconductor Slovakia, Piešťany
C&M Languages has been working with On Semi for over 12 years now to help our staff improve their language skills as well as translation needs. Throughout these years, we were always very satisfied with the level of service they have been providing to us. Teachers are quick and flexible to adjust to different levels of language needs of our employees. C&M staff is always ready to assist with an advice and offer a solution to our requests. We especially value C&M's professional approach and customer orientation which creates the base for good cooperation and delivery of service in the years to come.     Peter Jurčík, HR Manager
ADELI Medical Center, Piešťany
The ADELI Medical Center is working with C&M Languages for approx. one year. We organise classes for English and Italian as well as Slovak classes for foreign employees. Due to the proactive teachers C&M provides and the modern style of teaching we can see a constant improvement of the language skills of our employees. We organised with C&M Languages intensive classes in English as well aready which have been very successful and helpful.
Beside the good teachers the high flexibility of C&M and the tailor made classes and schedules are very important for us.     Stephan Sykora, Operations Manager
Hotel Sorea, Piešťany
C&M Languages has working with my staff at hotel Sorea for a long time now and we are already seeing improvement in their language skills. C&M was able to create classes that are help my receptionists and waiters to speak with our guests much better. We study English and Italian and the Italian teacher is especially helpful as our students have made allot of improvement when we compare the C&M teacher to our old teacher, there is no comparison! I am studying English with Craig Brickman and he is always very flexible to work around my schedule and help me to improve my grammar and vocabulary. I would recommend C&M Languages especially for hotel staff as they work very hard to create classes for us that are useful.     Ladislav Mackovjak, Director
Klimatech, Piešťany
C&M Languages has been working with my staff and I at Klimatech for 5 years and we are very satisfied with our cooperation.  My staff enjoy their classes and the C&M teachers always prepare materiel's for the classes which suit the needs of my employees. I have been studying English with Marek Kalincik personally for 5 years and he has really helped me to improve my skills. Klimatech will continue to use C&M Languages to provide us with quality language training and translation services.     Dušan Juriga, Director
Ekom, Piešťany
During seven years of our cooperation we are very satisfied with C& M Languages. We need English language for our work  tasks. These courses help us to improve our language skills. We found out that lessons with native speakers were for us the most  useful. They help us with listening and speaking of native English. The lessons are very interesting including different forms of education. We obtained a lot of new knowledge and nowadays our slogan is: " English is easy".     Jana & Co., Ekom employees
Kios, Piešťany
I would like to thank you and your C&M Languages staff that has been working with KIOS for over 8 years to help us improve our communication language skills . I can say we all were satisfied with your konwledges and we created a lot of good teacher/student relationships during this time. We were also satisfied with other kind of your servrcese and specialy we had a very good feeling with tha level of communication a and general your company culture. It was a nice time, and I beleieve that in short future we can go on.     Viliam Vavro, Director
لقد درست أنا و أختي في معهد  C&M Languages طوال مدة الصيف و كنا راضين تمام الرضا عن كافة الدروس الإنجليزية التي درسناها.
وقد قام معلمنا الأمريكي بقضاء طوال مدة دراستنا لمحاولة تطوير اللغة الإنجليزية لدينا و العمل على اكسابنا مهارات التواصل و
معرفة قواعد اللغة والمصطلحات. هذه كانت تجربة ممتعة جدا و قضينا أوقات مرحة في مرحلة التعلم و إني أوصي الجميع بالذهاب إلى
هذا المعهد لتعلم أساسيات و مهارات اللغة الإنجليزية.
براءه و بيان

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